About Us

Life Fusion 101 is dedicated to promoting an exchange of ideas and experiences between women from around the globe, on one platform.

Our purpose is to facilitate discussion and share expertise in ways that will inspire and support other women, and in some small way, deeply enrich our lives.

It doesn’t matter whether you are the CEO of a major multi-national, or a woman just starting out and wondering what will fit in around the kids. We all have experiences and stories to be told. 

Every experience matters to someone.

Meet Our Core Team

Hi and welcome to the key players at Life Fusion 101

At the moment we have 3 on our editorial team who volunteer their time and expertise in some way or another. This is a fabulous way to work as we are then able to make use of the widest range of skills from around the globe.

There is nothing nicer than working with such an international group of professionals. Everyday is we learn from each other as well as from our contributors and everything goes toward ensuring that ‘all is well in our world!’


Join the editorial team


Fancy putting your editing skills into action? We are always on the lookout for fresh talent to help edit articles and get involved with our wonderful contributors.