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Liver Cleansing Ayurvedic Style: 5-day Liver Cleanse

Why liver cleanse?   Our livers are among the most important organs in our bodies. The liver cleanses, purifies and gets rid of unwanted dross from our systems. Keeping the liver healthy and clear means that it functions well, and

Well Being

Are Western Women Missing Out On Post-Natal Care Practices?

Cultural Traditions While I lived and worked in Malaysia, I was always intrigued (and occasionally critical) of the way both the Chinese and Indian communities provide no less than 1 month of post-partum care to women who have just given


Giving Up the Boss!

Message from the editor As I’ve been thinking about our new series ‘Giving Up the Boss,’ I’m struck by the number of women I know who do actually work for themselves. Funnily enough quite a few are ‘mature’ women, who’ve

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Compassion Fatigue

When helping hurts you it probably time to take stock, Linda Sage explains Compassion Fatigue