Liver Cleansing Ayurvedic Style: 5-day Liver Cleanse

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Why liver cleanse?


Our livers are among the most important organs in our bodies. The liver cleanses, purifies and gets rid of unwanted dross from our systems. Keeping the liver healthy and clear means that it functions well, and our metabolism and organs will also function well, keeping us in tip top condition.

However, the food products we eat, the amount of sugar, salt, and alcohol we consume mean that our livers are often working overtime. In time there can be a build up a fats and other guck, that slows our livers down and impairs top performance. We should take care of our livers as we might take care of a Porsche or an Aston Martin!

Our livers need to be in the best condition to function well because they cleanse all the impurities out of our bodies and maintain a happy balance throughout our bodies. To help us, we need to limit the intake of alcohol and tobaccos, as well as introduce foods that input cleansing and healing properties.

Liver Cleansing Vegetables

While I was living in Malaysia, I began to feel very bloated. Often after I’d eaten and it could be very painful.  Having just quit smoking and not wanting to put on weight, I’d discovered various diets. One suggested eating only fruit in the mornings, up until around lunch time. I followed this advice and probably slowed down any potential weight gain. However, the bloating continued and was painful. A friend told me about an Ayurvedic practitioner nearby, so I arranged a consultation. It was long and very personal! But bit by bit I began to understand a few things I’d not realised.

When we explored my daily/weekly diet it was clear that I ate very little warm or cooked food. I ate fruit in the morning, then rushed a lunch on the go, and had a meal at my computer or out – I was living in Malaysia after all. So, my diet was pretty much touch and go with no balance at all. What’s more I often ate at my computer rather than actually sitting at the table, enjoying my food.

My prescription was decided. I needed to eat a hot breakfast, every morning. After running through various foods, we hit upon a range of things but the gist is:

Water – at least 1.5 litres a day – usually I drink 5o0ml in the morning to flush my system, especially if I have a glass or two of wine in the evening!

Breakfast:  poached eggs x2 on toast, with a little sprinkled parmesan, and if possible fresh avocado. Occasionally fresh tomatoes with a slice of toast. This I really enjoyed and still make my main meal, whenever possible.

Lunch: Soup and a sandwich – if I’m not home. Thinly sliced cheese and tomato, or onion. Salads, smoked salmon slice, tuna, or something similar. Filling enough to take me through the rest of the day.

Dinner: A main hot meal, rice, spaghetti, curry, or various other things similar, in reasonable portions but eating until I’m satisfied not stuffed.

No eating after 7:30 – 8:00pm at night – this was very hard!

In addition, to this I was to do a 5-day liver cleanse!

The cleanse would be a few days to clean up my intestines first, then my liver and gall bladder.

So here it is.


  • Triphala herbs – powder form if possible
  • Castor oil
  • Lemons
  • Fresh coconut water (not milk) I drank loads of this as it’s readily available in Malaysia
  • Colozone – colon cleanse – powder form if possible, otherwise use capsules but empty the powder out until you have the correct quantity which is around 3 x tsps.
  • 125ml Raw pineapple juice – I bought fresh pineapple and juiced it.
  • 125ml Cold pressed olive oil

Liver Cleansing Veg & Fruit

Liver cleanse instructions

Day 1

Mix 2 tsp of Castor Oil with half cup of warm water.

Add in 2 tsp of Triphala herbal powder and stir thoroughly.

Drink this drink before bed time.

You will probably have bowel elimination, or you may not get any at all. If you don’t have any bowel movements the next morning, Day 2, mix 3 tsp of castor oil (increase dosage) with 2 tsp of triphala powder and drink it before bed time on day 2

If you have more than 4-5 bowel eliminations on Day 2, and you may feel very tired – on Day 2 night, mix 1.5 teaspoon Castor oil reduce dosage with 2 teaspoon triphala herbal powder.

Day 2

Follow Day 1 procedure. Drink plenty of warm water, follow with a coconut drink drink at room temperature

Day 3

Follow Day 2 procedure – depending on your body’s reaction to the castor oil effect- take either 1.5 teaspoon, or 2 to 3 tsp.  Drink plenty of warm water at least 8 glasses and fresh coconut water at room temperature.

NOTE: IF you have any extreme bowel movements during the day, eat a piece of  white bread, it should stop the bowel movement

Day 4

Eat light meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner Dinner: must be eaten early by 7pm

At 9pm

  • Squeeze 2 lemon – put juice into glass and mix with warm water – ½ glass and put aside.
  • In separate glass – mix 3 tsp of Colozone with half glass warm water, stir and drink.
  • Rinse your mouth with one glass of lemon water and then spit out the water so that you don’t taste the after taste of Colozone.
  • Drink the other glass lemon juice mixed with warm water that you have prepared earlier.

At 11pm

  • Mix 125 ml of cold pressed olive oil into the 125ml pineapple Juice.
  • Stir the mixture thoroughly.
  • Drink the mixture – standing up (do not sit down while drinking)

Brush your teeth before preparing the drink to be ready to go to bed immediately after drinking the drink mixture

Then immediately, lie face up on bed and go to sleep.

Sleep on your back as this allows the mixture drink to go straight to your digestive track and to allow your gallstones to move to your digestive track for elimination.

Day 5

You may wake up earlier to have a bowel movement or you may not.

On waking up take l – 2 tsp of castor oil depending on your dosage to have bowel movement mixed with a full glass of warm water.

You can have a light breakfast 45mins after the castor oil drink. You may continue to have bowel movements after breakfast.

Eat very light and bland meals throughout the day. Try white steamed fish and small  portions of rice.

It is most important is to drink as much coconut water as possible and eat the coconut meat

Drink plenty of warm water throughout the day.

You can also drink a warm honey drink to help replenish any dehydration.

Liver Cleansing Veg

On the 5th day it is important to rest. Your body will feel quite tired and you need the day to recuperate so make that day a weekend, when you’re not working.

Once I’d done the cleanse and into the following week I felt so energised. My metabolism had improved, I was no longer bloated and I felt like a million bucks! I ‘d recommend doing this at least 3 time per year.

Happy cleansing


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