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It doesn’t matter whether you are the CEO of a major multi-national, or a woman just starting out on a home-working business that fits in around the kids, we all have experiences and stories to be told.

laughing-women-in-a-cafe-boothThe point is to share your knowledge, expertise and experience with as many people as possible. Here at Life Fusion 101 we are eager to reach out to as many women as we can. We are in touch with women throughout the Middle East, in Asia, Africa, Australasia, the USA and Europe.


Every experience matters to someone. So take the chance to find and use your voice. And more so you have an opportunity to encourage others along their journeys.

Our Areas of Interest 

Health: This area covers everything from best health practices, including physical and mental health. This could include life coaching, physical & mental exercise, diet, weight management, meditation, yoga, reiki, vegetarianism, diets for reducing negative physical symptoms such as diabetes etc.

Travel: Here we are particularly keen to explore people and cultures along with historic backgrounds and developments. Included here might also be a variety of different and perhaps lesser known journeys that you have made and things to be aware of.

Food: (International Cuisine) Food so often brings people together for meals, festivals and impromptu get togethers. Here we are interested in recipes, good food that promotes good health, cultural exchanges of ‘secret recipes’ where possible.

Business: This covers a multitude of areas. We are seeking new views on leadership, team working, home working, the changing structure of work, ageism in the workplace, careers and how they are defined for women.

Technology: How do women use technology? What technology do they use and why? There are millions of amazing things happening in the techie world that can make our lives heaven, or hell. What are your experiences?

What we need from you 

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  • make sure that you own, or have written permission to use any images or multi-media  to go with your article(s)
  • Make your work original
  • Write approximately 800 words – more or less
  • Create a personal bio – no more than 100 words
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